Dairy Top Paneer is an unaged, acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese made by curdling heated milk with food acid. We usually find Paneer pressed into a cube and then sliced or chopped. Dairy Top Paneer contains less moisture. It has got a separate segment of buyers due to its good taste and quality. Fat content in the milk is maintained to get the richness and quality of the product. We ensure that during the manufacturing process the correct temperature and pH of coagulation are maintained.

Dairy Top Paneer is one of the few types of cheese indigenous to the Indian sub-continent, and is widely used in Indian cuisine and even some Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cuisine; Paneer is completely Lacto-Vegetarian. Paneer is a source of Protein for vegetarians. Paneer adds taste to many dishes in the modern world.


Sachet – 500 g

Shelf - Life

30 days from the date of manufacturing

Storage Conditions

Refrigeration below 4°C – 8°C