Marketing Support

Dodla Dairy Kenya Limited is committed to ensure continuous growth of our Existing and New Customers by doing proper marketing of our products.

Among the activities we engage in are:

1) Wall branding

We ensure that all our distributors premises are well branded as this helps in creating the brand awareness to the consumers,

Below are some of our branded Distributors premises.

2) Sales support team

For all our new customers, we ensure that we give them one of our sales team who is conversant with the allocated areas to help introducing the customer to the market.

3) Marketing Team

We rotationally allocate our marketing team and promoters to all our distributors for market activation and this also helps in improving the brand awareness in the market.

All our sales team including the marketing and promotion team are well branded which improves visibility in the market.

The marketing team also supports the Distributor to Move the stocks during the period in which they are working with him.

4) Promotional Material

Dodla Dairy Kenya Ltd provides all our Distributors with promotional materials from time to time.

These includes

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Tshirts
  • Dustcoats

During the Covid 19 pandemic , we also issued numerous face masks to our customers through our sales team and distributors.