About Dodla Dairy Kenya Limited (DDKL):

Dodal Dairy Kenya Limited (DDKL) - Entity of Dodla Dairy India has its Head office in Nairobi near to Airport, Kenya, a vibrant country with 50 Million population. DDKL has two branches in Kenya covering Kisumu Region and Mombasa Region.

DDKL has 25000+ Sq.ft. of storage capacity in Kenya. DDKL operates on Distributor Model and has 120+ Distributors, Agents & approx 10000 Retailers, serving 120,000 Individuals with Healthy Dairy Top Milk on daily basis.

DDKL team is very efficient, multitasking, and customer-centric. We have Zero Customer complaints. DDKL is very approachable by all Customers / Retailers. Our Approach - We understand the Need and VALUE for MONEY, with Right Prices, Right Place at Right Time.


We give back to society through our ongoing corporate social activities.

We have taken a few Slums where we sell Milk at very affordable prices and make sure Milk is made affordable to every small kid.

We do charity works and give free milk to Schools Students, Hospitals & Institutions.

During COVID Pandemic, we extended our support to trade partners by giving them Free Masks, Aprons, Milk for their family, and near ones.

Our Journey is never-ending and we will keep you posted every time we do something new and special.